Blogger Blogs And Permissions

With Blogger Blogs, not everybody can do everything with every blog. Blogger doesn’t provide anything as simple (or as obnoxious) as Simple File Sharing under Windows XP. Though they don’t have Simple Blog Access, the choices that they do provide aren’t a lot more granular.

  • Only administrators can change blog settings. All administrators can change all settings – there is no granularity here.
  • Only members can post articles to a blog.
  • There are levels of ability to post comments to a blog.
    • Everybody.
    • Everybody registered with Blogger (Google for Beta blogs).
    • Blog members.
    • Comments disabled.
  • For Beta blogs only, there are levels of ability for read access to the blog. Adding this filter necessitated authentication using a Google account.
    • Everybody.
    • Everybody invited, as a reader.
    • Blog members (“Authors”).

If you want anything better, you’ll have to get an alternate solution.

  • If you want to block comments by IP address (a vague solution with limited success), you’ll need a third party commenting service, like Haloscan.

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