Including A Video In Your Post

Photos are an easy way to make your posts more interesting. Going one step further, we have moving photos, ie videos.

Including a link to a video is as simple as including a link to a photo.
>>The Perfect Plumber

&gt;&gt;<a href=”
docid=2638976382458360943&q=plumber”>The Perfect Plumber</a>

But look at my post in PChuck’s Network: Don’t Do It Yourself – If You Don’t Think About What You’re Doing

There we have a Shockwave Flash movie, embedded in the web page.

<embed style=”width: 400px; height: 326px;” id=”VideoPlayback”
</embed><br clear=”left”><a
rel=”nofollow”>The Perfect Plumber</a>

Many video hosting sites expect that you will, eventually, be passing their displayed material along to your friends; that’s the fun of using the Internet. So they will make it easy, and provide the code for you to embed their video in your web page. Look at the embedded code above. Following the embedded object itself, you’ll see the link back to the website. There you can hopefully find the code that you need.


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