Changing The Post Date

When you write posts in your blog, generally you’ll want them to show the date / time when they were written. A blog is a journal, and sometimes you will want to insert posts with a different date.

The default date / time, for any new post, is today / now. You can change that, any time it suits you, though.

Under the post edit window, you’ll find a collapsed list entitled “Post and Comment Options” (in Classic blogs), or “Post Options” (in Beta blogs). Click on the title, and the list will open. You can change the time and date for any post, right there.

Then, just Publish Post.

(Note 11/21): As noted below, if you change the date of the post, so it falls into a different month and / or year, and if you have Post Pages enabled (giving each post a permanent URL), the URL of the post will change.

  • You’ll have to republish the entire blog, so your archives and other permalink references will be correct.
  • Any external or internal references to that post will have to be updated.

One Response to “Changing The Post Date”

  1. Alanna Says:

    Yes. BUT … any time you change the date, you’ll screw up any permalinks and search engine references.

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