Disappearing Images

If you use images (diagrams, pictures, photographs) in your blog, you may already have seen this problem. You or a friend will look at your blog, and where you should see an image, all you’ll see is a blank space, or a blue or red “x”, or maybe an empty box. This will depend upon what browser you use, what other security devices you have on your computer, and how the blog is coded.

Some folks see the problem when uploading pictures, and some after the images have been uploaded. In some cases, the problem will come and go, without any action by either the blog owner, or the reader. I’ve been a victim (my blog has shown this problem) too. I have yet to see this acknowleged on any of the Blogger issue lists.

The one thing that I will say in Bloggers defense is this

If you are experiencing this problem, and you haven’t reported it, then you are part of the problem.

That’s a faint defense though. This has been reported, repeatedly. I know that Blogger has heard the cries. They should acknowlege the cries.

Recent Reports:


2 Responses to “Disappearing Images”

  1. Alex Waterhouse-Hayward Says:

    I have this nasty red box with an x problem, too. I thought it had to do with somehow having posted more images in one year than I should have. Now I find out that it seems to be a Blogger issue. It would be very nice if this issue were resolved or if upon opening the blog site info or a warning re the problem would be posted there for us to see.

  2. Chuck Says:


    I’ll not disagree with that. Neither will I lose sleep, staying up at night, waiting for it to happen.

    Welcome to K-Mart, where the customers support themselves.

    We occasionally have personal attention from Blogger Employee aka Jordan, for instance in this thread in the forum. I wish that I could believe that is a promise of more interaction with us.

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