Peer Support – It Works ONLY If You Help

Blogger Blogging uses peer support. They provide a Google private group, where Bloggers with various problems can write in and say

I have a problem [My Problem]. Can anybody help me?

If you write in, and state your version of [My Problem], one of several things may happen.

  1. A solution will be known, and will be instantly provided by one of the many helpers.
  2. A solution will be derived, from subsequent questions by one of the many helpers.
  3. You will be advised to report your problem, to Blogger Support.

Now, if you are so fortunate to have scenario 1 or 2 apply in your case, it is possible that the solution can be found in either Beta Known Issues, Blogger Help, or Blogger Status. It’s possible – but not too likely – if it was, you (or someone like you) would have found it, and publicised it, long ago.

If the solution is provided by a helper, the chances are that it came from a prior thread in the forum, under scenario 3. And here’s the problem. Of all of the threads mentioned in the many posts linked from Beta Blogger Problems, and from Classic Blogger Problems, how many of those threads end with somebody actually saying

YAY! It’s fixed! And this was [The Solution]

Blogger Support, whether posting as Blogger Employee, Pete Hopkins, or anybody posting in Beta Known Issues, Blogger Help, or Blogger Status, very seldom publicises problem resolutions. I have previously discussed this issue as The Silence.

When a thread actually is closed, by anybody (preferably by the original poster of the thread), I would greatly prefer to transcribe the solution, into the appropriate Classic Blogger Problems or Beta Blogger Problems detail problem post. I would prefer. Very few can I do this way, though.

Why is this?

Because of the dozens of individual threads about the various problems, please tell me how many actually end in

YAY! It’s fixed! And this was [The Solution]

The majority of these threads simply end. And there is The Problem.

Because not everybody realises the benefits, and the requirements, of peer support. Peer Support works – if you make it work.

So, if you are involved in any of these threads, or other threads, and you find your problem solved, please post back in your thread

YAY! It’s fixed! And this was [The Solution]

Provide your version of [The Solution]. The helpers are constantly learning, as they help others. Your feedback may help them learn.

And having provided your your version of [The Solution], you are now experienced in your problem. Now you need to do some research. Find out what caused your problem, and why the solution was necessary.

Then come back to the forum occasionally, and look for other folks with what looks like your problem. When you see someone reporting their version of your problem, describe your solution to them.

But be selective here. Remain aware of computer and system uniqueness. Mention your problem, and your solution, but be aware of possible reasons why neither will be 100% universal. Read other folks reports of their problem, too.

Become part of The Solution, not The Problem.


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