Stop The Comment Spam

So you just wrote a kick ass blog. And here’s your first comment, posted by a stranger. Yay.

But look – what does it say.

Great post. See my blog.

And when you look at the linked blog, it’s crap. Another splog – and your blog now provides a nice link to the splog. Gack.

Don’t let this happen again.

  • In Settings – Comments:
    • Set “Show word verification for comments?” to “Yes”.
    • Set “Enable comment moderation?” to “Yes”.
    • Enter your email address for reading the comments.
  • Discard the email, when you get a comment notice that indicates comment spam.

Make the assholes work (answer the Captcha) to even send the spam. Then make sure they don’t even get a reply back – just trash the email, and ignore the spam entry. Maybe they will even shoot themselves in anguish (we could only wish).

Note: Having said that, remember to read each comment made, in the email notice. Your friends might make comments too. Don’t let the threat of spam lead you to deleting something valid. Read, and approve, the good stuff. Just ignore the spam.


One Response to “Stop The Comment Spam”

  1. zombiehellmonkey Says:

    Great post. See my blog.

    (I didn’t have to do that much, I just copy and paste that, but thanks for the helpful tips!)

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