Limit The Size Of Your Main Page

Patience has its limits. Waiting 5 – 10 minutes, for the main page of your blog to load, is too long. You simply cannot load the entire blog every time somebody surfs to it.

Generally, loading half a dozen posts of average size is sufficient; with smaller posts, you can load more. But loading the entire blog, on the main page, is not a good idea.

From Settings – Formatting, check the Show setting. You can limit the main page size by days, or by posts. It’s your choice – but think of your readers. Many don’t have scandalous bandwidth, nor are the Blogger servers overly robust. When your blog, or even a single post, takes 2 or 3 minutes to load, your blog needs tuning.

And as you become more skilled in developing your blog, whether it’s a Classic blog, or uses the improved Beta format with all of the new amenities, remember to keep it simple. Eventually, we will see design limitations. Maybe we are starting to see them already.


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