Your Email Address And Blogger Account

Setting up a Blogger Blog starts with a Blogger account. Setting up a Blogger account starts with an email address. This email address is not a formality – it is a backup identity, and helps you to authenticate yourself to Blogger Support. It is thus a necessity, and should be kept current. And – need I say – secure.

Why is this relevant? How about this case.

I forgot my account password. How do I get it back? Oh yes – the email address that I used to register the account isn’t valid anymore (the email account got deleted, it belonged to my boyfriend / girlfriend / brother / whatever, the ISP doesn’t exist anymore, whatever).

Or this one:

Oh No. I just deleted my blog. How do I get it back?

Here is a hint. If you value your blog, always have:

  • A valid Blogger account.
  • A valid email address for that account.

If you change your email address, update your Blogger accounts (and any other accounts that used that email address for backup authentication). And do this now. Not tomorrow.


One Response to “Your Email Address And Blogger Account”

  1. ritwika Says:

    your blog is really informative, i bookmarked you..
    please post about google adsense if possible.
    thanx 🙂

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