Mistakes Happen

The popular saying isn’t that, but it’s close. We all make mistakes.

If you just made a big mistake, and deleted your blog, recovering your blog will involve Blogger Support, and the Blogger Support Help Form. But don’t start there – start by setting up a stub blog, with that URL. And do that immediately. Don’t let a spam bot steal your blog (and, seriously this is happening – constantly!) – reclaim your blog now.

  • Login to the proper Blogger account.
  • Create A Blog.
  • Specify the URL for your (just deleted) blog.
  • Choose the default generic templete.
  • Add a stub post.
  • Done.

To maximise the chances of you getting your blog back (without a spam bot grabbing it) do the above before you:

  • Restore the template.
  • Restore any of the real posts.
  • Take a rest break.
  • Get a drink of water.
  • Go to sleep.

Then finish the initial recovery:

Optional steps while you wait for Blogger Support to act:

  • Put a post in your blog:

    (Blog Title) Coming Soon.

  • Admit that you were an idiot (yes, you were – admit it).

For a more complete procedure on blog recovery, see Aurea Martin (aka O.K., O.K.!) Erased your blog by mistake?.


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