Help! My Blog Is Gone!

We’re hearing that cry of dismay a lot recently.

Sometimes, it’s from someone who deleted his own blog. DOHH. Mistakes happen. And the Blogger anti-splog bot can cause problems here.

Other times, the bad guys may have hijacked another blog.

Sometimes, part of the blog is gone. Maybe the header is there, but no post. Or the posts are there, but the sidebar is blank. Oh no! What do I do now? Well, in this scenario, you may be looking at another case of the old dropped post / sidebar.

And here’s a fourth possibility. You’re logged in with another account. Or maybe not logged in at all. So first, check and make sure that you don’t have another account, that the blog is registered to. Find out what Blogger accounts are registered to your email address.

If none of those scenarios helps, then it’s time to report the problem. Then, join the crowd, at Google Blogger Help.


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