A Better Spammer

The only good spammer is a dead spammer.

Well, Mango is a better spammer, because his account has been TOSsed. His alter ego Shady (note the email address in the profile) is still valid though, so I have no doubt that we’ll be seeing more shite like this (spamvertised URL neutralised to prevent search engine contamination).

Hi friends,today i found an incredible site while surfing today which makes money making so easy from home. All the things one needs to know about easy money making from part time work at home. Ii decided to tell you all about it.
Its a must check. here’s the link:
h t t p : / / e b i z w e b b i z . c o m / m a n g o i n s t y l e / e a r n /

When you see the above shite, or other turds like it, please report it and neutralise it.

He’s not dead (we could only wish), so I won’t call him a good spammer. But he’s a better spammer than he was yesterday.

And while we wait for Google Support to delete his posts, please report them again. Here’s the current list:

Please, everybody, do your part and report this asshole until Google Support deletes the posts.

And to you, Mr Mango, or Shady, or whatever, the following Google Blogger Help forums are off limits:

  • Customizing Templates
  • Publishing Trouble
  • How Do I?
  • Something Is Broken
  • Share Your Blog

Stay Away.

(Update, July 5): Loves has joined Mango in the spammer afterlife.


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