Splog With Navbar Disabled? Ha

So the latest trick, when a spammer plants another splog out there, is to Hide the Navbar. This may, or may not, also be a Hijacked Blog.

#b-navbar {height:0px;visibility:hidden;display:none}
h1{margin:10px; text-align:center}

This supposedly prevents us from finding and selecting the Flag button, which would flag the splog, and block it from being promoted.

But, even though the button is not there, we can run the script behind it. Just copy and paste the following line, as is, into the Address field in your browser, when the splog is being displayed.


And hit Enter. You won’t get any feedback, as far as I can see.

NOTE: If you are blocking scripts (using, for instance, NoScript, in Firefox), you will have to unblock for the website. If the splog is on blogspot, just unblock for blogspot.com, if you haven’t already.

NOTE 2: It requires many many votes for Blogger Support to take action. If only a couple people, voting against a given blog, could have a blog actioned by Blogger Support, there would be flag wars constantly. Now note the wording of the command


Run the command once, flag the blog. Run it again, unflag the blog. One person = one vote. Don’t waste your time trying to revote, vote once and let everybody else know what you find objectionable.


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