Of Fables And Blogger

In the story of Chicken Little, the main character runs around screaming

The sky is falling!! The sky is falling!!

Last week, Blogger / Blogspot had yet another major outage. Thousands of Bloggers were left with nothing to do but gather round and scream

Blogger is down!! Blogger is down!!

This week, we have some Bloggers who continue with

Blogger is down!! Blogger is down!!

even though they could be blogging. What’s up with that?

And unfortunately, like The Boy Who Cried Wolf, the more they scream

Blogger is down!! Blogger is down!!

the less folks will listen. Including Blogger Support. This affects all of us.

Please, if you’re able to post, and to read others posts, don’t get online and scream

Blogger is down!! Blogger is down!!

Because it’s not.

STFU unless you can contribute something useful.

Update (10:55, June 17):
I was wrong – Blogger really is down. I’m imaginarily typing (and publishing) these words, and you’re not really reading them. If you believe that, please get help.


4 Responses to “Of Fables And Blogger”

  1. David Says:

    Chuck, thanks for the breath of fresh air. I agree, if you want to complain, critique, bitch or whatever…please have something constructive to say or add, or just STFU.

  2. Mama Mouse Says:

    I had moments when Blogger was ACTUALLY and REALLY down last week. But not often. Mostly it was just slow and mostly I COULD post and even fiddle with my templates. I found work-arounds for the photo uploading problem, which I am still plagued with on one blog. But Blogger IS NOT down. It IS functional and I’ve posted continually through this whole thing, pictures and all!

  3. Uncle $cam Says:

    Your a goddamned liar. I have over 12 blogs that I visit, comment on and post on, -on a daily basis and every one of them have had their front pages broken to the point of non use. Either you are being flipant or whoafully misinformed.

  4. Chuck Says:

    Uh, OK.

    I guess we’re not really reading your comments or mine. This conversation is in our imagination.

    Or do you maybe have a personal problem with your blogs? One that you could prevent?

    Get help, dude.

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