Welcome to The Real Blogger Status / WordPress Edition!

As soon as Blogger comes back on line and is stable, we will be mirroring the Blogger Edition to this location.  Watch for changes this weekend.


2 Responses to “Welcome to The Real Blogger Status / WordPress Edition!”

  1. whoever Says:

    I’ve had it.
    As soon as Fat Slow Broken Hogger gets back up I’m going back to running a traditional website & message board.
    I’ve been wuth hogger on and off since 2002 (before google) and there’s a broken culture at that sub-company.
    Always has been, probably always will be – they just don’t get that reliability counts as much as freedom to publish.
    Some of the current trouble appears to be realted to google-analytics, but blogger doesn’t seem to even be aware that the new changes are the cause of the problem – that or they are not empowered to reverse the F=d up new changes and actually RESTORE SERVICE.

  2. Nancy Says:


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