A Blogger Security Problem?

I don’t know what the story here is. I don’t think it’s simply caused by Blogger anyway. But you might be well off changing your Blogger password to something non-trivial, if it is currently easy to remember.

An alternative trick for the bad guys to use, besides taking over deleted blogs would be hijacking currently owned and maintained blogs. If your blog has some value, and your password is weak, this could become an issue.

Keep the Blogger Help procedures handy, for that is where you will have to start.


2 Responses to “A Blogger Security Problem?”

  1. Jeremy Says:

    Ugh, my blog (jeremywahlman.blogspot.com) was hijacked, too! I have an email in to Blogger about the problem. Any word on how long (if ever?) they’ve been taking to fix things?


  2. Chuck Says:


    If memory serves me correctly, I think somebody yesterday said that he had just gotten his blog back, a week or so after he reported it.

    My bet is you’ll have to report the problem (don’t start with email), and be patient.–>

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