Blog Not Found

Looks like this is the problem of the week. Pete acknowledged this last weekend. Now we have other examples, in varying flavours.

These are the exact and precise titles of each thread in question (with ellipses used where necessary). With apologies to those who, in frustration or under stress, typed thread titles that are less than perfect, and cannot be changed.

  1. Where is my blog??? CLOSED – Caused by Coding Problems *
  2. My blos URL does not work OPEN 3/27 (4)
  3. Help! My blog is missed! OPEN 3/27 *** CLOSED 3/30
  4. Page Cannot Be Found CLOSED per Recommended Resolution.
  5. Server not found OPEN 3/27 ** (3)
  6. Blogger shuts down public library blog… OPEN 3/26 **
  7. my blog is gone OPEN 3/27 *** (1)
  8. Blogger down? CLOSED – Resolution Unknown
  9. another missing blog [#437545] OPEN 3/28 *** (1)
  10. Disappeared Blog – Please Help OPEN 3/28 (1) CLOSED 3/31
  11. Missing BLOG OPEN 3/29 (4)
  12. Added Adsense To An Old Blog… OPEN 3/29 (1)
  13. My Blog Disappeared OPEN 3/29 (3)
  14. Blog Not opening OPEN 3/29 ** (3) CLOSED 3/30
  15. I can’t view my blog OPEN 3/29 (2)
  16. Blog not found OPEN 3/30 (1)
  17. has disappeared! OPEN 3/30 (3)
  18. Blog disappeared! OPEN 3/30 (1)

NOTE: For “(n)” values, see Triage below.

* NOTE: Apparent coding problems – blog is visible, with contents, though not properly.

** NOTE: These cases do NOT appear to respond to clearing of cache and cookies.

*** NOTE: Recommended by Pete for attention by Blogger Support.

Recommended Resolution (see NOTE above):

  • Diagnose the problem. Is anybody else able to see the blog? Most of the above are problems only to the OP; others will post after with “I can see your blog fine”. If so, clear cache and cookies, and restart the browser.
  • If the blog is missing, and nobody can see it, is it a new blog? Are you maybe publishing thru Blogger to an offsite (non-Blogger) service? Log in directly to the Blogger dashboard, and see if the missing posts are in Draft form. If that’s true, Blogger may have labeled your blog as a spam blog, which causes offsite published blogs to end up as Draft. If your posts are ending up as Draft, you’ll not see them online.
  • If the blog is missing from the Dashboard, see My blog disappeared from my account!.
  • If the blog is not new, and is not offsite, try republishing again.
  • If none of the above help, then report the problem.

Triage Key

(1) 404 Not Found
(2) Blog opens, but with errors
(3) Stated as cannot open in Dashboard / cannot post (we can’t verify this obviously).
(4) No problem observed in either Firefox or Internet Explorer.


One Response to “Blog Not Found”

  1. M. J. Says:

    Chuck – This is very helpful. Since you seem to be updating it regularly, you might want to fix the typo in #2 (“blos” — should be blog’s). Thanks for all the info.

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