It’s Called Blogger Support – Not Blogger Mindreaders

Here’s an interesting thread in Google Blogger Help. (Paraphrased to protect the guilty).

  • Blogger 1: My Blog isn’t working.
  • Blogger 2: My Blog isn’t working.
  • Blogger 3: My Blog isn’t working. What could the problem be?

The one noticeable item there? No mention of having reported the problem to Blogger Support.

I’ve said over and over – don’t expect a personal response from them, except in rare cases. But you still should let them know when there’s a problem.

  1. Fill in the Blogger Support form. Make sure that Box #3 – your email address – is correct!
  2. Wait for the botmail.
  3. Note the Subject in the botmail. Here’s an example, which I filed.

    Re: [#391824] Need Status Of Problems

    • The ticket number, in my example, is 391824.
    • The ticket description, in my example, is Need Status Of Problems.
  4. Reply to the botmail. Explain that there is no solution to your problem offered in either:
    1. Blogger Knowledge database.
    2. Blogger Help database.
    3. Google Blogger Help forum.
  5. When you write a problem complaint in Blogger Help or in Blogger Forum, include the ticket number and description.

Maybe the next person to report their problem, from reading your complaint in Blogger Help or Blogger Forum, can include your ticket number and description in their problem report. That might light a tiny fire in the BS staff. Might.

But without a ticket, no fire at all. They aren’t mind readers, after all.

Now, before you continue, take a look at the Blogger Support form. See the selections that you have an opportunity to fill in?

  1. What do you need help with?
  2. Which blog does it affect?
  3. What email address should we send replies to?
  4. Enter a brief but descriptive summary:
  5. Finally, tell us all about it:

When you fill out the form, all of those entries go into a database, your problem ticket is generated, and your ticket number is assigned.

If you follow the advice of some folks, and send email directly to supportATbloggerDOTcom, your problem report is now a bit of email. You have no ticket number yet. The email must be entered into the database by a paid Blogger staff person, who has no understanding of your problem.

  • The contents of your email become item #5.
  • Your email address (what you sent from) MIGHT become item #3.
  • All of the other fields have to be guessed at by some low level clerk who does nothing but read the email that has no ticket number in it, and copy the body of each email into just another form that goes into the ticketing database.
    • Item #1 has to be guessed at by the clerk.
    • Item #2 has to be guessed at by the clerk.
    • Item #3 MIGHT be taken as the email address for the clerk (ticketing systems are designed by people, and sometimes the person filling out a form becomes the contact).
    • Item #4 has to be guessed at by the clerk.
    • Item #5 has to be copied from your email body.
  • This is NOT the favourite task of any help desk person. Generally the lowest ranking personnel get this duty, and they do this when they are not otherwise occupied.
  • Do you want YOUR problem report filled out by the most junior member of Blogger Support, when they are finally available?

Do yourself a favour, and fill in the Blogger Support form, and get your ticket directly entered into the database, with your details (Items # 1 – 5). Wait for the botmail. Now, if you wish to email BS with more detail, or to gripe at them in general, you have a ticket number, and your details are already in the database, under your ticket number.

Start with a ticket number.


2 Responses to “It’s Called Blogger Support – Not Blogger Mindreaders”

  1. Shaine Mata Says:

    Thanks, I hope it works. I got my boss’s site hijacked by a splogger.

  2. CM Says:

    I´ve had lots of problems with Blogger recently. The innoying thing is that it is impossible to find any contact info on blogger help. I only find a link to the blogger help group. I don´t know if I am blind but the contact info should be easily found on the front page, the help page and every where else. I suspect Blogger has so many problems that they don´t want people to be able to contact them. They would get such head aches… I only found the contact page through your blog.

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