Change Your Blogger Server

If you’re a Blogger Unpaid Staff Member, like me, you just posted to your blog (and with no errors), and you’re getting any of the several afflictions that so many are complaining of, when trying to access your blog:

  • A blank screen.
  • The blog will load as HTML, or look like garbage.
  • Only part of the blog will load. Any or all of the following may apply:
    • Posts will be missing from the body.
    • Part or all of the sidebar will be blank.
    • The footer will be missing.
  • Maybe your blog WILL load, but it will take like 5 minutes each time you open a new post. Obviously, your visitors won’t stand for THAT, which is why your visit count is way down.

Or maybe you’re trying to Create or Edit a post, and having no luck.

  • Maybe the Post Editor won’t load properly. Or it loads so slowly, that you start to type into the post window before it finishes loading, then when it refreshes as it loads, what you just typed in gets erased.
  • Maybe you’re missing key pieces of the post window – like some of the buttons, or the Compose / Edit Html tabs.

If you’ve been experiencing any of the above problems, then try changing your Blogger server, and Clear your Cache. See my article Blogspot and Server Access for discussion.

  • Shutdown and restart your browser.
  • From your browser, delete all Blogger cookies, and clear your Cache. How to do this will vary by browser.
    • For Firefox, you can delete just Blogger cookies. In the Firefox Control Panel (Tools – Options), under Privacy – Cookies, select View Cookies. Find and delete the cookies for Blogger. Then, under Cache, select Clear Cache Now.
    • For Internet Explorer, you’ll have to delete all cookies (sorry). In the Internet Explorer Control Panel (Tools – Internet Options), select Delete Cookies, then Delete Files.
  • Shutdown and restart your browser.

If you’re feeling truly adventurous, and you’re using Firefox, check the value of cookie Blogger – ServerID, BEFORE you delete your Blogger cookies. See what it is now, and what it becomes. Make sure that you do get a new server.

If you’re using Internet Explorer, I have no advice for you, except Use Firefox.

NOTE: If you’re getting any errors when publishing, whether an individual post, Republish Index Only, or Republish Entire Blog:

  • One commonly seen error:

    This server is currently experiencing a problem. An engineer has been notified and will investigate.

    Status code: 1-500-162

  • A second commonly seen error:

    450 Write error: No space left on device

then Blogger Support needs to get back to work again. We’re hoping that you won’t be needing to read THIS section, obviously.


2 Responses to “Change Your Blogger Server”

  1. CameraDawktor Says:

    Thanks for your help today. I am going to see if my blog is working again. (

    I have had a s–tE blog for over 50 hrs. now.

    I want the world to unite to save my little blog!!!

    I started a new blog to let people know that you have tried to help me and what my problems are. Go to

  2. fish Says:

    dude..really appreciate ur problem was i couldnt load my latest post using firefox..unfortunately if i was using IE i could read latest first i cleared cache,and nah,its ok=) thanks!!

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