What can I say?

As countless other MVPs have already written, I spent an intense 4 days, in September 2005, in Seattle as a guest of Microsoft. This was my first MVP Summit (and I hope not my last), and the major focus was on Vista, the next step in the Operating System evolution process.

Vista looks like just another version of Windows XP. At least, its GUI can be dumbed down to look like Windows XP (which could, itself, be dumbed down to look like Windows NT).

But, Looks can be deceiving. Vista is not at all just another version of Windows XP.

  • Its core networking code has been rewritten, to make it simpler to use, and simpler for third party developers to write software. This should make it harder for the bad guys to bury their illegal code without your knowlege.
  • It contains improvements which will make 3/4 of the articles in this blog irrelevant and unnecessary.
  • It contains efficiency enhancements, which will possibly make Internet use smoother for everybody using it, regardless of connectivity (dialup to HSI).
  • It has several enhancements in the GUI, and desktop applets, which will make it easier for you to store and access your data. The emphasis is on organisation of massive volumes of audio-video and business type materials, in ways meaningful to you.

You, the public, will probably not be doing any serious work with Vista for (minimally) 6 to 12 months. Many of you will not see it until you buy a new computer, within 3 to 5 years.

I am one of the lucky ones in the world, and I hope to start testing it within the month. This will be as my limited hardware and time limitations allow. I’m not independently wealthy.

Watch this space.


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