Driver Updates From Microsoft? Please Pass.

To have a stable and secure system, you need to keep your software current. This includes downloading and updating both Microsoft, and third party, software.

Microsoft provides the Windows Update, and Automatic Update, facilities. On a monthly basis (or sometimes more often), Microsoft will issue recommended updates to the Operating System, to Microsoft applications, and even to third party drivers which may be relevant to your computer.

Whether you enable Automatic Updates, or retain control and monitor recommendations by Windows Update, is not the question here. Both have their advantages. But please, whatever you do, don’t download third party drivers from Microsoft.

If there is a third party driver update that’s relevant to your system, get it directly from the vendor – that’s what Microsoft does. Sometimes, what Microsoft may have available thru Windows Update is out of date, or is simply defective. You can get anything that’s available directly from the vendor, whenever you need it.

Use Windows Update to keep your computer up to date with Microsoft products, but take its driver update notices simply as reminders. Then, if appropriate, follow the reminder, and get updates from the vendor, observing vendor recommendations.


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