Server Functionality Affected By IRPStackSize

Occasionally, you may try to connect to a server, and get a mysterious error message

Not enough server storage is available to process this command.

Checking memory utilisation, you find no problem. Likewise, disk storage is no problem. Now what?

What you should be checking is the server; and neither the disk storage, nor memory utilisation, is the limited resource. You need to check the IRPStackSize. This problem is frequently, but not always, caused by Norton AntiVirus being installed on your server. Articles by Microsoft: Antivirus software may cause Event ID 2011, and by Symantec: How to change the IRPStackSize registry value explain the situation best, and provide a reasonably simple resolution.

NOTE: As stated in both articles, if the registry value IRPStackSize doesn’t exist, please follow instructions and add it, with an initial value of 18. And be persistent in trying new values. Some readers of this website have reported setting the value as high as 48, for success.

NOTE 2: Please note the case and spelling of IRPStackSize. And the value must have data type of REG_DWORD. Both case, spelling, and data type are critical.


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